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Delays in Shipping due to COVID -19 

Dear Chalet et Ceci Community,


Chalet et Ceci is committed to the health and well-being of our team members, partners, and loyal customers during these unprecedented times, as everyone faces new challenges and adapts to the situation we are facing as a society.


Please know that at Chalet, we are taking all the CDC-recommended steps in our corporate office and manufacturing facility.  These include the option for many of our employees to work from home and continue to practice social distancing, and other best practices to help protect and support our production teams and you, our valued customers.

Our teams are working overtime to produce and ship the top-quality of Chalet's collections as quickly as possible. You may experience delays due to the number of orders being processed and extended lead times for shipping so please allow 2 weeks for orders to be shipped during this extraordinary time.


Thank you in advance—not only for your loyalty to Chalet et Ceci, but for your patience!  The staff at Chalet are with you and your family and hope that our clothing offer's you some comfort and support as we take on this challenge together.





Beau Jours simple and clean aesthetic, quality fabrics, and impeccable attention to detail have made it a favorite of style-conscious women around the world.


Every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. Contemporary, versatile designs and playful, exclusive prints inspired by strong women create stylish, innovative and affordable fashion while respecting people and the planet. 

*Please note sizes for Beau Jours clothing are only XS-XL

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Chalet believes in creating stylish, flattering fir and comfortable clothing without sacrificing our high quality and unique style. Our primary goal is to create clothes that are exceptional comfortable, functional and versatile while still conveying our elegant and refined designs. - Chalet et Ceci

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Bamboo learns quick, cooling you down or warming you up. Its silky soft to touch, and it's just as gentle on the environment too; growing fast and using minimal resources. 


Organic Cotton  our cotton is different because its organic. Spun with care and comfort, it's softer kind to your skin and so much gentler on the planet. 

Nature's Friend Rayon Our rayon comes from recycled tree pulp. It's spun into soft silky fabric. It drapes beautifully and is a joy to wear.  

Recycled Polyester Our recycled polyester come from water bottles. It's spun into soft polyester fabric. You will never notice that it can from recycled goods. 


Receive a free Chalet tote bag with your purchase of $250 or more. It's our way of saying THANK YOU and helps lower our impact on the planet. 


A few facts on plastic bags 


-One second of manufacture from oil, 20 mins of use and up to 400 years of decomposition in nature  

-1 million plastic bags are in use around the world, every minute 

-3.4 million tons of plastic bags are produced each year, equivalent to the weight of more than two million cars. 



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